Stig is a manufacturing, trading and information company whose delaty business is the production of children's clothing. It was founded Tigrin Kacar 09.10.1987. of the year.

Tigrin's ideas, work and good cooperation with all, managed to create a stable foundation style called the Stig.

The Stig is produced "serious" range for "serious" people of denim, twill, velvet, polar fleece, footer, singles, various cotton fabrics ...

Despite extensive experience in Stig is constantly experimenting with materials and
models in an effort to better meet the demands of users of Stig.

All materials used in the production of Stig are specially treated and are highly durable and as far as color and as far as size.

"Stig" is a renowned manufacturer of clothing and children's jeans and sportswear programs.

Own brand and investment in the distribution network and promotion program included the STIG in the top offer in the field of children's clothing.